Is Client Genie safe?

YES! Client Genie access Facebook using your device and not our servers. Therefore, Client Genie is not a scraper, it is a productivity app that you can use on your computer to make better sense of your engagement and automate certain repetitive actions at the speed of a human.

In Facebook's terms, they ultimately say you own all your data and rights to your content. So therefore this is your data and Client Genie gives you a new way to read that data, while automating certain repetitive actions (at human speeds) which are allowed on the platform like sending friend requests.

That being said, if you use Client Genie in the wrong way, it can be detrimental to your account. An easy to understand example being, you manually adjust advanced Client Genie settings and send 50 friend requests in one day when you usually only send a handful per week. Naturally, this will raise red flags and put your account at risk of a soft block. We touch on this in much greater detail in our on-boarding training.

Nevertheless, Client Genie is NOT officially endorsed by Meta/Facebook. If you use Client Genie it is at your own risk and it is your responsibility to use it in a safe manner.

Here are some of our additional recommendations:

#1- Limit other people accessing your Facebook account. If you do have someone else, like a VA, accessing your Facebook account use a VPN.

#2- When Client Genie is running do not access Facebook on another device like your smartphone. We also recommend limiting multitasking on the computer running Client Genie.

#3- Log out of your Facebook account in public areas and do not install Client Genie on public computers that connect to your account.

As long as you use Client Genie as instructed here and in our on-boarding training, you should not run into any problems.

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